Fix any problems on the go roadside or at home – wherever you get a problem fix it in no time with this comprehensive repair kit Our kit has professional long-lasting results on any small issues Make sure you stay prepared whether you are a casual rider or cycling enthusiast; if its punctures flat tyres or adjustment issues our kit has you covered The compact and lightweight design means you can take the kit with you wherever you go simply strap to your bike frame The secure fit means it’s perfect for mountain biking road cycling off-road or BMX Cycle with the peace of mind that despite there being no nearby help or phone signal you can fix most day-to-day problems at the roadside yourself  Kit Contents  Carry Case with velcro fastenings Dual action telescopic hand pump (200mm 8”) Bone shaped 10 in 1 spanner wrench (95mm 38”) Metric Hex socket sizes 6789101112131415 (mm) 2x Tyre levers (120mm 47”) 15-in-1 Multi-tool Metric hex Allen keys 2253456mm Slotted (5mm ¼” ) Phillips head (5mm ¼”) Wrench Keys 81015mm ¼” Socket adapter Metric sockets 8910mm Puncture repair kit (container 80mm (L) x43mm (W) x20mm (H)) 10ml Rubber cement glue Tyre file (rasp) 2x Circle patches 2x Regular rectangle patches 1x Large rectangular patch 2x Rubber straws All product images © 2017 Maison & White ® (Xbite Ltd)