The Sequoia tree famously reaches heights other trees simply cannot aspire to. The Grow It: World’s Tallest Tree Gift Box will give you the opportunity to plant these stunning trees and watch how tall you (or your children and grandchildren) can get them to grow. Will you be able to match General Sherman, the largest tree on Earth, situated in the heart of the Sequoia National Park in California, which stands at 275 feet / 84 m tall and believed to be 2100 years old? Features: 4 x packets of sequoia seeds 5 x starter growing pots made from coconut husk 5 x natural coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered 5 wooden plant markers Growing instructions booklet Disclaimer: This pack contains real plant seeds, origin UK. The seeds can die before or after germination. Please plant your seeds as soon as possible. Due to the varying nature of the conditions that the plant seeds are stored and grown in, neither Gift Republic Ltd nor any other company supplying this gift pack can accept any liability in relation to the non-performance of the seeds or coir disks and pots. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.